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Items At Meijer ##BEST##

Flashfood is a Canadian-based company that allows retailers to upload surplus close-dated foods to their app where items are available for purchase at a steep discount. Customers go to the app, select a Meijer store, choose the items they want to purchase and pay for them directly on the app at up to 50 percent off. Then, they go in store to pick up their items and confirm their order with customer service. The purchased food is stored in a refrigerator or storage rack located in the front of the store until picked up by the customer.

Items At Meijer

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About Meijer: Meijer is a Grand Rapids, Mich.-based retailer that operates more than 245 supercenters and grocery stores throughout Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin. A privately-owned and family-operated company since 1934, Meijer pioneered the "one-stop shopping" concept and has evolved through the years to include expanded fresh produce and meat departments, as well as pharmacies, comprehensive apparel departments, pet departments, garden centers, toys and electronics. For additional information on Meijer, please visit Follow Meijer on Twitter and or become a fan at

About Flashfood: Flashfood is a Toronto-based company that operates in over 420 grocery locations throughout Canada, Michigan and Wisconsin. Shoppers can buy items through the Flashfood app and pick them up in-store at great prices while collectively reducing food waste. To date, Flashfood has diverted over five million pounds of food from landfills, saved shoppers over ten million dollars and helped over 100,000 families eat more affordably. Flashfood is currently partnered with Loblaw, Meijer, and Hy-Vee. Flashfood is a free app available on iOS and Android. For more information visit:, you can follow Flashfood @flashfoodinc.

*Ad dates and offers vary by market. mPerks offers good with mPerks digital coupon(s). See coupon(s) for terms. Buy one, get one (BOGO) promotional items must be of equal or lesser value. Special pricing and offers are good only while supplies last. No rainchecks or substitutions unless otherwise stated. Buy/save offers must be purchased in a single transaction; no cash back. Next purchase coupon offers are not available to earn or redeem with online orders.

As the pioneer of the "one-stop shop" concept, we offer excellent customer service, low prices, quality foods, and a broad selection of national and Meijer brand items. Our growth and innovation remain focused on our core values: Customers, Competition, Freshness, Family, and Health and Safety.

"This allows our customers to get a discounted deal on items that we have either overproduced or maybe they are short dated and we don't want to throw them away," said Matthew Craig, Meijer. "You are getting a very fresh but you are getting it at a discount. And it helps us from having to throw items into landfills and reduces food waste in our stores."

The recall affects the following products sold in Meijer stores in Michigan, Ohio, Indiana, Illinois, Kentucky and Wisconsin purchased September 27, 2017 through October 20, 2017. The items will be in plastic containers or foam trays with printed labels with various sizes and weights.

Meijer received notice of a possible Listeria monocytogenes contamination from Mann Packing, a Meijer supplier based in Salinas, Calif. that sources the Meijer branded produce items. Mann Packing informed Meijer that evidence of potential Listeria monocytogenes contamination had been identified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. No illnesses have been reported to date.

Hi Nancy,I know Meijer should sell at least tempeh and tofu for sure. Seitan, unfortunately, is often harder to find but they definitely could have it as well.In the Meijer I go to, there is a special refrigerated section with these items and other mock meats.I definitely recommend asking a store employee where to find them! Good luck ?

Thirty percent of teachers planned to purchase electronic items to help with virtual learning set up in their homes. Meijer expected to continue seeing increases in electronics purchases from teachers (routers, mice, keyboards, headphones, etc.) throughout the year.

That's right! The genius founder, Hendrik Meijer, pioneered the concept of combining groceries with items you would normally find at a department or hardware store. While he opened his first store in 1934, this bold move didn't happen until 1962.

Have you heard of Meijer's 10 for $10 weekly bargain? This one's worth keeping an eye on if you love coupons. Every week, they choose a slew of items that go for just $1 each. If you buy 10 of the $1 items, the 11th is free! We could do all of our grocery shopping with this $10 deal.

However, he warned that pallet modules, especially for HBC merchandise, tend to come with equal quantities of different products, even though those products sell at different rates. This contributes to excess back-room inventory, making it hard to locate items - the No. 1 cause of out-of-stocks, Mooney said. "If a product is out of stock, there's an 80% chance it's in the back room," he said.

Mooney added that manufacturers could help stockers locate items in the back room by making cases more identifiable. "Years ago you could identify cases, but now they're all brown boxes with maybe a bar code," he said. "Anything, like a green stripe, that makes the case unique, increases the chance the item will be in stock."

Another positive step, Mooney said, would be for manufacturers to make cases smaller or, as HBC suppliers have done, offer blister packs, a selling unit that can be sent to the store with smaller quantities. Grocery manufacturers send 12-24 items in a case, "even though they sell one-tenth as much," he said.

While asking for suppliers' cooperation, Mooney stressed in his talk that Meijer is very serious about its own responsibility for out-of-stocks, which run between 1.5% and 2% of sales for turn grocery items and about 5% for promoted items. "We've seen a big improvement in the last few months," he said.

To track this, Meijer does a weekly out-of-stock audit of 35 items at 20 stores. Last year, the chain started an audit focused on GM products. "We go through the store and, if there's a hole, we scan it and then analyze why it was out of stock," he said. Reflecting the chain's seriousness, Meijer makes prevention of out-of-stocks part of the incentive structure for store managers. "When it's part of their pay, it gets their attention," Mooney said.

Another strategy Meijer uses is to rein in excessive ordering at stores. "Everybody at stores wants to order stuff," Mooney said. "I try to convince retail not to let them [over-order]. If they need something, they can get a rush order out of the warehouse." In some cases, stores adjust store inventory levels to justify excessive orders. The chain's buyers also have to be limited to ordering items included in a store planogram.

Meijer encourages stores to adopt best practices in stocking shelves, such as anticipating where out-of-stocks may occur. "You need a plan," Mooney said. "What are the problem items? Before holes occur, take out a cart full of those items." Ultimately, there's no magic solution to stocking shelves, he noted. "It's just basic blocking and tackling."

Meijer is also grappling with the larger issue of SKU proliferation that often leads to cluttered back rooms and out-of-stocks. "The consumer wants choices, but where do you draw the line?" Mooney said. "Should we make grocery departments bigger, or cut back on items?"

You can return any general merchandise item with a receipt within 90 days of purchase for a full refund. If you do not have a receipt, Meijer will only refund you the lowest promotional or sales price of the item. To be accepted for a return with or without the receipt, the item must be in its original packaging with any original accessories that came with the item. Any items from the electronics department must be returned within 30 days to receive a refund.

You are viewing current coupons and discount promotions for April 2023. For more about this website, and its current promotions connect with them on Twitter @meijer, Facebook, Pinterest or Instagram

Tha bakeries at MEijer do not bake gluten-free cake. However, they sell a wide assortment of gluten free cake mixes as well as some items in their frozen section like Katz creme cakes and Daiya cheesecake.

This is just one of the reasons Whole Foods steaks are the best steaks. Check out this recent article to read more about which grocery store has the best steaks.Just click the link to read it on my site.Did I cover all you wanted to know about Kroger vs. Meijer?Kroger and Meijer are both popular, separately owned stores in the Midwest. Meijer has an excellent selection of not just groceries but other items like clothes and electronics.Kroger has more standard groceries and better meat than Meijer. Their prices are generally higher.They are both great grocery stores for their own reasons. If you like the variety of items and prefer more of a one-stop shopping experience, Meijer is for you. But if you prefer to shop for just groceries, Kroger is going to be the better fit. 041b061a72


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