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Poweramp 2.0.9 Build 554 Full [BETTER] Ve

Phone: Samsung Galaxy S3Android: 4.3.1CyanogenMod 10.2I finally upgraded to 2.0.9 build 554-play two days ago and had been having trouble with the audio on my phone while playing music through Poweramp. I had previously saved a custom EQ setting with the Preamp decreased by two notches (so -2.8db I think) and bass boosted by two notches (+2.8) at both the 62Hz and 125Hz frequencies. I combined this with never setting the phone's volume up to 100%, because that would cause clipping no matter what. After upgrading, when playing through the phone speaker, sound would clip even with volume not at maximum.Even more interesting, when playing on my car stereo through a radio transmitter, bass would be audiably farting/clipping and the transmitter would occasionally shut off while playing. A "feature" of the transmitter I use is that if it does not detect sound at a certian db level for a certain amount of time, the device powers off. After fiddling with the EQ settings for a while It turns out that not only are the Hz sliders off (I had to knock back the 62Hz slider to 0 [flat] and 125Hz to +1 notch [+1.4db] to prevent clipping/farting), as the OP states, but so is the Preamp. I had to pump it back up to 0 (flat) and turn the phone's volume up to 100% just for the transmitter to stay on while in use.Everything was fine until upgrading to build 554, and I have not messed with the Android OS in any way since I did so. It's definitely a Poweramp issue.

Poweramp 2.0.9 Build 554 Full Ve


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