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Why You Should Upgrade to Compusoft Winner Version 10.5.4a 36 Today

winner just gives us a bit of a level up. i have tried other online cad tools like sketch up but it doesnt come close to this. the software is invaluable to us and we couldnt operate our business without it. the renders are really good. theyre really realistic and the software is user-friendly with the simple interface, the drag and drop tools and the support that is always easily accessible.

Compusoft Winner version 10.5.4a 36


all of your shops and/or developments can be managed in one system. you can see and manage every step, from sales to installation across multiple projects. winner bizz is a business administration solution specifically designed to meet the needs of kitchen retailers. chat function built into the software allows you to communicate directly with customers to make any necessary changes and to continue the sales process from your showroom. it was designed to meet the needs of remodelers, home builders, and designers. to make your cookie choices, select accept cookies or manage preferences. you have the option to change or withdraw your consent at any time.

winner flex is now available! many of our customers have been very keen to get access to this new platform and we wanted to provide you with an update on how this roll-out is going. over the last few months, our product and customer success teams have been working hard to test and perfect the roll-out process, and now we are confident that we can now start moving customers who are eligible to the flex platform in a staged roll-out process.

why winner stands apart 1. cloud-enabled software to design and manage your business from anywhere winner is now securely connected to the cloud through our new online flex platform meaning all your date is backed-up in one secure cloud platform and can be accessed from anywhere. 2. accurate catalogue data unmatched by anyone else, our data is not just up-todate and accurate but also enriched with images, links and details that make your lives easier. this extensive catalogue database is combined with exact data and underpins every part of winner design, so that you can be sure every..


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