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Strongest Mage With The Lust System 51- 100

The best fitting model, with an independent pathway specification for additive genetic influences (A), and a cholesky decomposition for non-additive genetic influences (D) and non-shared environmental influences (E). For a better illustration, the model only shows A and E influences. D influences are not shown in the Figure, but were modeled the same way as E influences using a cholesky decomposition. For simplicity, the model is shown only for one member of a pair.

Strongest Mage with the Lust system 51- 100


Mage is a dungeon class that specializes in dealing high Magic and area of effect damage. Most Magic Weapons have strong area of effect abilities that can clear out huge waves of mobs but in return struggle with tankier mobs such as mini bosses.

Berserk is a dungeon class that specializes in dealing melee damage to single targets. While they do not deal the highest damage in mid game, their late game single target dps (damage per second) should not be underestimated and is said to be the class with the highest dps in dungeons as well as their ability to heal from attacking allows them to fight and survive against the toughest of enemies.

The best option for a Berserk sword is a Dark Claymore or a Valkyrie alongside a Tiger or an Ender dragon which deals the most amount of melee damage in the game. The second best option is a Giant's Sword, which boasts its 500 damage. Should the giant's sword be chosen as the weapon, it is recommended to put the Withered reforge on it to make up for the lack of strength. If one cannot afford this, a Shadow Fury and Livid Dagger are both good choices, with the Shadow Fury providing slightly higher DPS with optimized accessories. It is recommended to have a Withered Flower of Truth with One For All or a Soul Whip to clear rooms quickly. An Ice Spray Wand will provide invaluable support against minibosses, allowing you to freeze them. If that is too expensive, a Voodoo Doll is a cheaper alternative, dealing damage for 10 seconds and slowing the mob down

The best pet for damage is a Ender Dragon Pet, which at its highest level boosts all stats by 10%, which not only includes strength and critical damage, but also attack speed. If that is not possible, a Wither Skeleton Pet is a cheaper alternative. Wither skeleton is also considered the best pet for floor 7 due to the boss Necron being a wither. If survivability is the issue, then it is recommended to use a Baby Yeti Pet or a Blue Whale Pet. If possible, the best pet item is a Dwarf Turtle Shelmet as knockback invincibility is useful when fighting minibosses. If needed, a Crochet Tiger Plushie can give an in 35 attack speed. It is not recommended to use any other pet item since the amount of strength from Antique Remedies is insignificant inside dungeons. If one uses Frozen Blaze Armor, the Blaze Pet pairs incredibly well, providing a buff to all stats.

For players with Catacombs 30 or higher, the best reforge for armor is Ancient, which can be applied using a Precursor Gear. It grants massive buffs to Strength and Critical Damage, and undoubtedly beats both Renowned and Fierce. If your base damage stats are very high, Renowned can be used too.

The best sword reforge is Fabled since strength nerf due to the ability. Withered is still viable if your catacombs level is high (over 40), or if you use a tarantula helmet. Suspicious if your catacombs level is very low (below 10 when dungeon item bonus is still minimum), if a weapon's strength is extremely high as in the case of a Flower of Truth, Fabled will definitely be better, although, when using a Baby Yeti Pet, Withered should be considered as it pairs well with the Baby Yeti Pet's Ice Shields Ability. On the contrary, if a weapon gives little strength, like a Giant's Sword, Withered can be better, but Fabled's ability also stacks very well with giant sword's high base damage.

Every other talent on this tree is a tech choice, aside from Nourishing Chiand Calming Coalescence. These two talents are so specific and lack lusterthat they will only ever see play in the most extreme niche strategies. Healing Elixir is also a questionable pick, however, now that it is notcompeting with Diffuse Magic and Dampen Harm, there might befights that justify taking it. Zen Pulse will likely only be chosen forMythic+ as it is a single target heal that scales with the number of enemytargets it can hit. Burst of Life can be a good pick for Mythic+as it turns Life Cocoon into a small group healing cooldown, perfectfor periods of sustained heavy party damage, or to preempt a massive hit.

The deeper Mistweaver tree can be broken up into neat little divisions: theleft side will generally be used for Mythic+, the middle for Raid and generalpurpose healing, and the right is used to activate Rising Mist. Most of the time youwill want to take Rising Mist via Sheilun's Gift's route as well as Jade Bond/ Gift of the Celestials as they synergize so heavily withour general playstyle. Ancient Teachings is a powerful one-off pick,though it does not lead to any appealing paths. Secret Infusion and Invoker's Delight are also strong picks, though more situational. Faeline Stomp, Ancient Concordance, and Awakened Faelineare all strong Mythic+ choices as they scale your damage while providing passivegroup healing.

I'm glad the review can be helpful, Julio. The image are not a single shot, but we have placed a size marker during the photoshoot, and so the final image would be an accurate illustration of their size comparison.

See aboveWhat I wanted from this book was an adventure. It was set up perfectly for a siege at the very least.But what we get is couples Drama. I was struggling to read this. I had to take breaks. I skimmed the sections when the character started in on their woe-is-me baggage. On a positive note. I liked the magic system. I liked that we weren't getting this from a negative emotion mage. I don't think I could have handled reading about how pain made a mage feel and what was done to create pain. I like when magic was used and how much could be done with magic. Even though Jade ends up being a Mary Sue, I will overlook that. This book ends with a real conflict. I want to see how it plays out in book 3. I am hoping that all their relationship and self-hate drama was sorted out in this book. Because there is no good reason to continue that baggage to book 3.

Since bows and arrows deal the same damage from the back row as they do from the front row, and since the weaker bows are available to Black Mages, the player can equip a Black Mage with a bow and arrows to make them a decent physical damage dealer if the need arises. The player can place the Black Mage in the back row for reduced damage, since the armor available to magic-using jobs does not offer as much physical defense as that available to melee jobs.

There are several stats that are a part of Magical Ability within the System. Many of these can be appraised, but most cannot. The ones that are visible during regular appraisals are Mana Points, Magical Power, and Resistance. When Kumoko is granted Wisdom, several other stats related to Magical Ability are revealed to her.[4] These are skills related to runes, which are the basis of magecraft.

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There is not a lot to highlight or stray away from when choosing talents for Arcane Mages. One of the major drawbacks for most Arcane Mage builds is that their damage suffers from encounters with a lot of movement. The primary sources of damage are Arcane Blast and Arcane Missiles and they both require the player to be stationary for casting. Choosing Arcane Barrage and using it to spend stacks of Arcane Blast is an option for those heavy movement encounters.

Arcane mages should prioritize Red Spell Power Gems even when the socket bonus is not great. In the case of Meta Gem activation with Blue Sockets required, the prismatic gem is best or a purple gem with the prefix "Purified" will also suffice. Yellow Sockets are a good place to get some extra Hit Rating if needed, otherwise, prioritize "Reckless" Haste Gems.

Depending on the encounter Potion of Speed may push a player past the haste cap with Heroism/Bloodlust, Trinkets, and Cooldowns all at the same time. In that case Potion of Wild Magic would be better.

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