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Farmers Dreams [R22 Gold]

ok, i think I have 2,5h hours of gameplay and maxed childhood friend and halfway with the girl who visits my home. But really, used up so much of my gold that the mission to reach 300 food products is taking.... forever. Seems like there is nothing to do until that....START FARMING RIGHT AWAY and pray that there's some more good content.I even am a hunter now, but I don't know where to cook the fish or meat, sooo... 0 value items. yay.

Farmers Dreams [R22 Gold]

UNREVISED HANSARDNATIONAL COUNCIL OF PROVINCESWEDNESDAY, 15 JUNE 2022Page: 25From this week gold operation in Johannesburg and Free Stateare resuming operation after the signing of a three-year wagedeal which has broad the protracted but peaceful strike to anend.The operational startup of the mines will now be conducted byphase manner over the two to three months to ensure the saferesumption of production. The question we must ask is: Did ithave to take a whole three months to resolve the dispute? Ithas been reported that a gains of a wage demand of R1 000increase per year. The final wage deal C category four toeight employees receive an increase of R1 000 in year one,R900 in year two and R750 in year three, minus artisans andofficial will receive an average increase of 5% in years oneand three and 5,5% in year two. This seems to be a reasonableagreement that could have been reached without such aprotracted strike.If the chief executive officer with mining executive andshareholders of Sibanye-Stillwater who are raking in hundredsmillions of rends each in the form of remuneration and shareshad some Ubuntu value in them the losses in incomes sufferedby workers could have been averted.

UNREVISED HANSARDNATIONAL COUNCIL OF PROVINCESWEDNESDAY, 15 JUNE 2022Page: 131There are many generations of youth which have emerged withinand outside the ANC to provide an impetus for our struggle.The very formation of the ANC was an initiative driven by ayoung scholar and Pan African activist, Pixley Isaka Seme whomade a clarion call for the unity of Africans and underminethe demon of tribalism that had served the colonial powers sowell in dividing the natives.The 1944 golden generation which infused the liberationmovement with new life, ideas and energy, through theirclarion call freedom in our lifetime is another example of therole that the youth can play.Today we honour the young heroes and heroines who answered thecall when the hour of the youth had struck, we salute thedefiant generation of 1976 who rejected the Bantu EducationSystem and the youth of the 1980s who rendered apartheidungovernable and its machinery unworkable.Hon Chairperson and hon members, Frantz Fanon in his bookentitled The Wretched of the Earth posits that each generationmust discover its mission, fulfil it or betray it, in relativeobscurity. 041b061a72


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