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Best Buy Kitchenaid French Door Refrigerator UPDATED

The Appliance Satisfaction Study measures customer satisfaction in 12 segments of major home appliances: cooktops; freestanding ranges; wall ovens; over-the-range microwaves; dishwashers; French door refrigerators; side-by-side refrigerators; top-mount freezer, two-door refrigerators; front-load clothes washers; top-load clothes washers; clothes dryers; and appliance retailers.

best buy kitchenaid french door refrigerator

Of the 10 products in our Best Refrigerators of 2023, seven also place in our Best French Door Refrigerators of 2023. This is a popular refrigerator style with two side-by-side doors that open to the refrigerator on top and a pullout freezer on the bottom.

Nine of the 10 refrigerators in our rating are bottom-freezer refrigerators, including seven French door models. While all French door refrigerators have a bottom freezer, not every bottom-freezer refrigerator has a French door layout. For example, the LG LRDCS2603S has a single door on top rather than two split doors.

Single-door, bottom-freezer refrigerators tend to have fewer frills, making them a cheaper alternative to the French door style. For more information, see our rating of the Best Bottom-Freezer Refrigerators of 2023.

Refrigerator space: Refrigerators come with a variety of measurements, and it can be confusing trying to understand the difference between a 27-cubic-foot French door refrigerator and a 26-cubic-foot four-door refrigerator. Among the refrigerators in our ratings, total volumes range from 13.9 cubic feet to 27.9 cubic feet, with the average storage space coming to about 23.5. To help picture this, consider the fact that one grocery bag takes up about 1 cubic foot of space.

Additional features: Aside from the basic functions, consider what other convenient features you would like in your refrigerator. Some high-end models in our rating offer modern amenities like through-the-door ice and water dispensers, door-in-door storage compartments, Wi-Fi connectivity that lets you control the appliance with your smartphone, and flexible temperature zones that serve as either a refrigerator or freezer space.

A French door refrigerator might appeal to those who require a lot of room to store groceries. With this style, the double-door refrigerated section sits on top of the freezer, which you can access via a pullout drawer. This gives the refrigerator more width, whereas a side-by-side model positions two narrower refrigerator and freezer sections next to each other. The refrigerator with the highest capacity in our rating, the GE Appliances 27.9-Cubic-Foot PVD28BYNFS Refrigerator, features a French door style.

Though the French door style places items in the refrigerator section at eye level, the placement of the freezer section at the bottom may make it less easily accessible. As a result, it may be harder for some to organize and sort through their frozen items.

Like the French door style, bottom-freezer refrigerators place the fridge on top of the freezer. The difference is that a bottom-freezer model uses a single refrigerator door rather than two split doors. This style could suit shoppers who want to easily view and find fresh foods but prefer to steer clear of the higher prices common among French door alternatives.

At the same time, you may have to sacrifice some convenient features, like water dispensers and smart technology. Also, if your kitchen space is tight, it may not provide enough clearance room for the door of this refrigerator to open fully.

A top-freezer refrigerator is the traditional style: a single storage area for frozen foods placed above a single storage area for fresh foods, each with one door. These doors are quite wide when open, which can be a nuisance in cramped kitchens. Top-freezer refrigerators also tend to lack a lot of the bells and whistles available in other types.

That said, the best models offer the basics any household can appreciate, such as gallon door bins, adjustable shelves, and bright LED lighting. If you need a simple refrigerator for a low price, you can't go wrong with a top-rated top-freezer fridge.

When a refrigerator comes with a lot of extra features, these will likely increase the price. For example, some of the more expensive models in our ratings include in-door water and ice dispensers, touch screens, Wi-Fi capabilities, and other additions that you might not find with a lower-priced refrigerator.

The price of the refrigerator may also depend on its style. French door refrigerators are some of the most expensive in our rating, costing almost $3,400 on average. For comparison, the cheapest model in our rating is a top-freezer style that costs less than $1,000.

Maytag's wide French-door refrigerator was one of the most affordable models we tested and one of the only fridges that stayed cool enough on the door shelves to meet safety standards. (This means you can store milk and yogurt there, which is a no-go on the doors of most fridges.) Every glass shelf on this model slides out completely, and the stainless steel finish won't show fingerprints.

If you're in the market for a pro-quality, super-sleek refrigerator that will fit flush with your cabinets, the Viking French-Door Bottom-Freezer is it. This top-performing freestanding model has 24-inch deep side panels that integrate seamlessly into any kitchen, and the fact that it doesn't have a water and ice dispenser in the door contributes to the built-in look. Inside the fridge you'll find three shelves that pull out to make it easy to find items lurking in the back. The ice maker is in the freezer so it doesn't take up any of your valuable room in the refrigerator. There's also a top-notch air circulation system inside the Viking to keep air fresh and odors out.

GE's Café line of refrigerators stands out thanks to its extra elegant (and customizable) design. Select a matte white or black exterior, then choose between brushed bronze, copper, black or stainless steel handles. This model's counter-depth, so it'll fit flush with your kitchen's cabinetry and you can match the bar handles to your cabinet pulls. The French-door Café model has an internal water dispenser and is Wi-Fi connected, too.

All that changed with the counter depth French door refrigerator, which made some of the most high-end technologies available at a lower price point. Here's a rundown of the benefits the latest Bosch fridges offer:

These Bosch refrigerators are 72 inches high with a box depth of 24 inches (without door and handles), to stand in concert with your cabinets. All refrigerators in the lineup share the same internal features. The dual compressors and VitaFreshPro settings are designed to guarantee the freshness and longevity of your food. The internal water dispenser works with any size container.

Bosch already makes the best dishwashers in the marketplace. Its cooking products, including stoves and wall ovens, are also highly rated. With this most recent update to its refrigerator lineup, Bosch gives you even more reasons to choose an entire suite of its kitchen appliances.

  • Bosch refrigerators start at $1,974 before seasonal promotions.

  • Side by side fridge starts at $1,974.

  • 24-inch Bosch refrigerators start at $2,334.

  • Bosch counter depth French door refrigerators range from $2,514 to $3,144 before promotions.

  • Bosch also makes 84-inch high built in fridges that cost around $7,199.

  • Bosch refrigerators start at $1,974 before seasonal promotions.

  • \nSide by side fridge starts at $1,974.

  • \n24-inch Bosch refrigerators start at $2,334.

  • \nBosch Counter depth French door refrigerators range from $2,514 to $3,144 before promotions.

  • \nBosch also makes 84-inch high built in fridges that can cost around $7,199.



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