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Jvcomm32 2 01 Serial Number 5 [PORTABLE]

They are available from a number of online sources and these are easily and quickly located using the search facility on the Amateur link page. Several different manufacturers use this trademark but it appears to be owned by OGR (the Amateur Radio Relay League).

jvcomm32 2 01 serial number 5

One thing to bear in mind when considering amateur Radio transmitters is that there are only a small number of different frequencies at which a radio can operate, either long wave, medium wave or short wave.

Unlike high power commercial stations, amateur radio broadcasters have no license and no requirement to provide on-site technical advice and emergency assistance to those in need. In fact, there are a number of well known laws which restrict their operation to protect the public from the risks associated with amateur radio signals operating at high power levels. This includes prohibiting any transmission between 11 PM and 8 AM and requiring one of the amateur radio operators to be physically present on the station to receive all transmissions for this reason.

The unit arrived packaged inside a standard shipping box, with a copy of the user manual and support data on a CD. It is recommended that the unit be unboxed before use. The included cable to connect the receiver to the laptop is on a 19-inch length that can be attached in several different ways. As the case may be, on Windows, the serial port is assigned port number 9, thus keeping it out of the way. The repeater is easy to set up. Four adjustments are required to get it running for the most part. The local oscillator controls the frequency of the radio receiver. All the user-selectable channels are assigned to the front panel buttons, and there is also a button to the left of the buttons. The larger button is used for CQ and band reporting. The second set of buttons, on the left of the second dial, controls the TX, RX, and RBW controls on the front panel.


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