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Piano De Bossa Wave Febian Reza Pane

Manoa by Alberto Beserra and Carlos A. de Oliveira begins with the only field recording of the album, consisting of gentle waves, followed by a tropical groove and dreamy Portuguese lyrics by Ono who is accompanied on the chorus by her arranger Mario Adnet. Another highlight is the banjo-like bandolim played by Oh Akioka that sounds very placid and is the fitting instrumental foil to Ono's voice. The song encapsulates the feeling of beach walks on sunny afternoons. The paradisiac alto flute in the background further increases the lightness and makes this a gorgeously care-free song which I rate very highly and which is among my favorite Ono songs. The team Ono/Adnet is also available on Mauna Loa, an original ballad written by Ono herself. This is the most reduced song on the album, only consisting of a piano, one clarinet and two celli. It is absolutely intimate and dreamy, and while the Hawaiian mood is broken and barely perceptible, this is the perfect song for sunsets.

Piano De Bossa Wave Febian Reza Pane

Up next is the best track of the album, Sway It, Hula Girl which not only blends the bossa nova style with Hawaii via its lyrics, but also due to its instrumental setup: the electronic piano works perfectly in unison with the alto flute melodies, and Ono's Portuguese and English lyrics are almost whispered and very fragile, but you can always hear happiness and contentment shimmer through. The eight-ote motif of the main melody is perfectly hummable. The percussion is particularly quiet, letting the melody shine all the more. A perfect song which is followed by a successful rendition of the most famous Hawaiian track on Earth, Aloha 'Oe as the album's closer. Heard and interpreted a thousand times before, Ono adds nothing new to the tower of versions, but introduces Theresa Bright as a background singer on the album and comes up with Portuguese lyrics written by Lysias Enio. An obvious, mandatory album closer, but a good one nonetheless.Bossa Hula Nova is another one of these records that moves between several styles, being neither Latin, nor jazzy, Pop record or an Exotica entry. I adore this blend of several styles and genres with Lisa Ono's voice which is as able to transport happiness to the ears of the listener as intimacy and romance. Throw a few field recordings in and you have a rose-tinted Jazz record with Exotica remnants, such as the sparkling sound of the vibraphone or the string ensemble that encapsulates the lush vividness of Les Baxter and sets these qualities free in many situations.


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