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Where Can I Buy A Bike |VERIFIED|

Let us guide you through buying the perfect bike, from finding the right machine for your goals, setting a budget and choosing a shop, to selecting components, getting the right size and taking a test ride.

where can i buy a bike

Broadly speaking, you have the following main options when it comes to deciding on the best bike for your needs: a road bike, mountain bike, hybrid bike, gravel bike, folding bike, city bike or singlespeed/fixie.

If you are focused on performance, and are confident a racier position will work for you, the latest aero road bikes are designed for all-out speed, while climbing bikes place more focus on low weight.

They have drop bars, but chunky gravel bike tyres with plenty of grip, so you can tackle tow paths and other unmetalled surfaces such as gravel tracks and bridleways, but still ride reasonably fast on roads.

Not confident of your fitness or want a little help getting up the hills? Take a look at an electric bike. The latest advances in battery and motor design mean that electric bikes offer a genuine advantage, especially when it comes to tackling hills and zipping away from the lights.

As well as expert advice, a bike shop should make sure the bike is put together properly. Bikes come from the factory in varying states of disassembly, depending on the manufacturer, and the right tools and knowledge are important to make sure the bike is fully safe and roadworthy.

A good bike shop will also offer a post-delivery check-up, typically after a month or two, so they can make sure everything has bedded in properly and is still working well. As bikes need maintenance and replacement parts such as tyres and inner tubes, buying a bike can be the start of a long relationship.

Most bikes should be specced with a groupset that matches its intended use, but there can be significant variability from one bike to the next, so make sure your potential purchase has appropriate gearing for the riding you have planned.

If you choose a geared bike (by far the most likely option) and are unfamiliar with the system, see if the bike shop can show you how to use the gears, and then take the time to get familiar with them.

When it comes to testing your potential purchase out, even a spin round the block or car park can help you get a feel for the fit and handling of your potential new bike. Expect to leave cast-iron security with the shop: most commonly a credit card and proof of identity.

Bike seats sit on seat posts that can quickly be raised or lowered, so the important measurement for finding the right sized bike is to measure your inseam, with your feet spread shoulder-width apart. This will help you understand where the top tube of the bike frame will be in relation to your crotch so that you can stand flat-footed when at a rest and not be seated. You want a few inches between your inseam and the bike frame. Bike brands offer sizing in measurement groups or small, medium, large, and extra-large configurations, with measurement, ranges documented for each one. You can also find the right size by considering your overall height, though inseam measurements may prove more useful. All bike manufacturers have size charts for each of their bikes.

REI is a true one-stop-shop for all things outdoors. As a co-op, its lifetime $20 membership grants you (among many other things) 10% off bikes. Our health and fitness editor Sara Hendricks recommends its in-house bike shop for its superior fitting services, though thanks to its handy online bike fitting guide and virtual outfitting service with an expert, you can shop for a bike from the comfort of your home.

You can also take advantage of the buy now and pay later option by selecting PayPal as your payment method for purchases above $99. From there, you apply for PayPal interest-free credit, get approved in seconds, and can take up to six months to pay it off in installments of your choice. All bikes come delivered pre-assembled for free.

To save even more on your new bike, sign up for the Academy Sports + Outdoors credit card, which grants you $15 off your first purchase, 5% off all future purchases, and free shipping on orders over $15.

It's old news now that the pandemic, with its resulting exponential increase in demand for bikes, and simultaneous factory closures, have left supplies very short for a long time. This means the question of where to buy a bike remains as relevant today as it was a year ago.

It's true that stock levels are starting to replenish now, but there are still plenty of shortages for certain brands, sizes, and models. That's true no matter if you're buying a road bike, a gravel bike, or you're in need of an electric bike.

USA only: Competitive Cyclist (opens in new tab) is one of the largest cycling retailers in the US, and despite the shortage, there is still a good selection of bikes available.

Wilier Cento1HY e-bike (opens in new tab) - $5,999.99 $4,799.99Cervelo Aspero XPLR (opens in new tab) - $5,500.00Bianchi Sprint AXS (opens in new tab) - $4,200.00Kids' balance bikes (opens in new tab) - up to 31% off

USA only: Jenson USA (opens in new tab) is another USA-based retailer and usually has a good selection of off-road and gravel bikes, with a smaller selection of road bikes. The brands covered include Colnago, Look, Orbea, Santa Cruz, Yeti, Rocky Mountain, and more. There are even a few Jenson USA Exclusive Builds, which offer great value for money.

USA only: REI (opens in new tab) is an outdoor retailer based in the USA, and its bike section is pretty huge. As well as its own range of Co-op Cycles bikes, there are bikes from Cannondale, Early Rider, Salsa and more. The options predominantly cover hybrid, road and kids bikes, but there are a few touring and mountain bikes on offer too.

USA only: Moosejaw (opens in new tab) is an outdoor retailer, so while it doesn't specialise in bikes, the selection is typically broad. The current selection is slightly limited, but there are still options covering road, gravel, mountain and kids' bikes from brands such as Norco, Evil, Niner and Raleigh.

Worldwide: Wiggle (opens in new tab) is partnered with Chain Reaction Cycles, and therefore shares many of the same bikes. However, it's worth checking both stores because they don't always share stock, and you might get a better discount.

Our pick of bike deals at Wiggle USFuji Touring LTD Bike (opens in new tab) - $1,365.00 $845.00Rondo Ratt CF2 gravel bike (opens in new tab) - $4,614.99 $3,111.00Vitus Energie cyclo-cross bike (opens in new tab) - $1,299.99 $1,199.99

Worldwide: Chain Reaction Cycles (opens in new tab) is one of the world's largest online bike retailers, selling everything from kids' balance bikes to electric road bikes. Brands covered include Colnago, Cube and Fuji, as well as its own in-house brand, Vitus, which offers great value for money.

UK only: Cyclestore (opens in new tab) is a proud dealer of Specialized, Giant and Cannondale bikes, and currently has stock of bikes ranging from a few hundred pounds, right up to the 12,000 S-Works Aethos.

UK only: Evans Cycles (opens in new tab) has been around for decades, and comes with a comprehensive online shop as well as stores up and down the country. There are bikes covering everyone's needs, be they commuting to work or sending gaps in the bike park, with brands such as Specialized, Trek, Cannondale and more.

UK only: Tredz (opens in new tab) is a retailer for brands such as Cannondale, Specialized, Brompton, Merida and more. With bikes covering road, mountain, kids, commuting and more, it's a good place to browse if you're unsure exactly what you want.

UK only: Rutland Cycling (opens in new tab) is another UK-based shop with stores around the country. There are bikes covering all spectrums of cycling, both with or without a motor, with brands such as Bianchi, Brompton, Frog, Whyte, Scott and more.

USA only: Walmart (opens in new tab) might be a left-field inclusion in this list, but if you're after something super simple such as a budget kids bike, then Walmart is worth checking. The one thing it has on its side is an abundance of options, so just do your research and ensure you're not wasting your money on a bike that's not fit for purpose.

Worldwide: French company Decathlon (opens in new tab) has a presence worldwide and sells many own brand bikes under a range of names, including B'Twin, triban and Van Rysel. Its products tend to be well designed and good value.

Worldwide: Amazon (opens in new tab), probably isn't exactly the first retailer you think of when shopping for a bike but there's little the world's largest retailer doesn't sell. It's unlikely you'll find a high-end carbon road bike, but if you're shopping for kids bikes, then Amazon is worth a look.

UK only: Leisure Lakes (opens in new tab) is another retailer with stores dotted around the country. Covering everything to electric commuters to race bikes, it's another great place to browse for new-bike inspiration.

UK only: Halfords (opens in new tab) is more committed to the leisure side of cycling, specialising in the more budget side of things as well as kids bikes. With brick-and-mortar stores in almost every town, you're never too far away if you want to try before you buy.

Worldwide: Trek Bikes (opens in new tab) is a worldwide bicycle manufacturer catering to everyone from first-time amateurs to WorldTour professionals. Their website allows bikes to be ordered direct, and they'll happily deliver it to your local Trek dealer where it can be built up by a professional. Their collection encompasses road, mountain, hybrid, electric and kids' bikes, with all budgets catered for. 041b061a72


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